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The Ibis and The Dove

Zoo exhibits, for Zoo Nights 2014. Intrigued by the public and lost in each other.


The predatory Black Ibis, drawn to the dark side of his yearning, seeks to ensnare the dove and they come together in a poetic display of love and passion.


Walkabout acrobatics and character cabaret. Pop-up performance from Voice Box Theatre Company. 


Whiz BANG!

A child’s game, an adult interpretation. A connection, a disassociation. Funny and disturbing, clumsy and dexterous. The mystery of the imagination re-ravelled. Expect to be confused. Mime, acrobatics, and absurdist.


Devised through the study of children and media exposure, Whiz BANG! offers a reflective glance at its influence on the imagination of malleable minds. 

Up the Rabbit Hole

Characters from Lewis Carol's Alice come alive as the Hatter, the March Hare, and the Cheshire Cat follow the White Rabbit up the rabbit hole and into our world, searching for answers and for Alice. Along the way they confront the audience with reflections on cultural standards, and offer lessons in behaviour, diet, lifestyle and more.


Performed as an installation, as a theatre piece and as walkabout festival entertainment.

Miscelaneous characters

We provide all sorts of bespoke characters for performance and entertainment. Here is a slide show of some more of these

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