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"Dark Circus Storytelling" 
"Multi Sensory"
"Physical Empathy"
"Eclectic performance"
"Skills in context"

What is Circus Storytelling?

Exactly what it claims to be! We take Circus skills and physical disciplines such as acrobatics, juggling, balancing, mime etc., and we use them to tell and to illustrate stories. What could be more fitting than for two Selkie lovers to dance together as if they were in water, or for two Viking warriors to engage in acrobatic combat? 


We can build chairs, walls, doors and even castles with human pyramids. We can move as fish move or as elephants, or as automobiles. ​


Voice Box is at the forefront of this new and developing style of theatre. The freedom that comes with the ability to explain scenarios through nothing more than the use of the human body is liberating and of enormous benefit to performance in general.


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